How To Manage Depression Without Seeking Medical Depression Treatment

A depressed individual is an unhappy person. The fact that depression affects one out of every ten people means that 10 percent of all people are sad. The sad fact from all of these is that 80 percent of all people diagnosed with clinical depression do not receive any form of depression treatment Perth. The recent studies have found that each year, the number of people diagnosed with depression increases by around 20 percent. Some of the people who are more likely to suffer depression include the unemployed and the recently divorced. However, it is possible for the depressed individual to manage his condition without having to receive medical treatment.

Depression is very common among people aged between 45 years and 64 years. Although it affects women and men alike, it is more prevalent among the former. A large percentage of the women who experience depression do so immediately after giving birth. For the most part, the depressed individual would be able to feel much better after taking some prescribed antidepressants. Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy would also be very helpful in this regard. The cost of treating depression medically is currently estimated to be around $22,960 for patients who have been diagnosed with this condition. Raising this amount is tough for many patients.

If the high cost of treatment is out of the reach of the patient, he should not worry. This is because he shall be able to treat this condition by staying active. Once diagnosed with depression, learn to be more active, rather than withdrawing from social commitments. Be near friends and family. Have a very good and highly effective support team. Being active also means involvement in some form of exercises, which have proven very effective in lifting the moods of people diagnosed with depression. If the patient had never exercised or stopped exercising a very long time ago, he should start by walking around the neighborhood for 20 minutes every day.

Patients must learn to face their fears. The fact that a patient has been diagnosed with depression can be a very disturbing experience. He should try as hard as he can to avoid running away from any activity or experience he considers difficult or hard. Many people imbibe copious amounts of alcoholic beverages when feeling depressed in the false hope that they shall feel better afterwards. Alcohol might only work for a very brief moment, and its effects shall soon wear off. Drink in moderation, but try to avoid drinking large amounts of alcohol, which can increase the level of depression that a patient feels.

Lastly, come up with a daily routine. Keep the routine as simple as possible. Developing and stocking to a routine is highly advisable considering the fact that depression can be very disruptive. Watch the sleep patterns and ensure that the depression does not mess with these. It is advisable for the patient to develop a tendency of going to bed at a particular hour and waking up at the specific time every day. If the patient sees his anger getting out of hand, he ought to find the anger management hypnotherapy Perth strategies and work hard to put it under control.